Installment mechanism from Mega Hardware website -

You can now benefit from the possibility of monthly installments at 0% interest in cooperation with the banks participating in the program for a period of up to 12 months.

This service applies to purchases made using each bank's credit card

Banks participating with us in the program:

Installment steps - Enter the Mega website

Select the desired products and send them to the shopping cart.

Complete the purchase process and enter the buyer’s name, phone number, and delivery location.

Choose the credit card payment method and enter the bank card information -

A message will be sent to the phone number entered to choose the number of installments: 3-6-12 installments in equal proportions.

The buyer will be contacted by our team to confirm the order and determine the delivery date.

You can contact your bank for more information about the installment mechanism -

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Services and warranty

  • At Mega Hardware, we pledge to deliver all products available through the website while ensuring the brand and adhering to the protection rules.

    For products sold by Mega or one of its distributors:

    We guarantee that all products available on are original products originating from the brand itself, distributor or factory warehouse. With these products, you will find an original limited warranty from the brand itself or from the distributor. This guarantee protects the products from any manufacturing defects. The warranty begins on the day you receive the product(s) and continues in accordance with the brand’s terms and conditions (mentioned in the attached warranty).

    Products purchased through the website and sold by Mega or one of its distributors can be taken to the after-sales service at any Mega Hardware store for repair.

    Mega's after-sales service will help you solve your problem, but will not be responsible for the brand's obligations. In the event of a product defect resulting from delivery, the after-sales service will decide whether the product should be replaced or repaired.

    However, Mega Hardware apologizes for repairing the product in any of the following cases:

    • The defect occurs due to misuse (inappropriate voltage, exposure to liquid, misuse, etc....)

    • If the serial number on the product is unknown.

    • If a third party attempts to repair the product.

    Contact us and we will be happy to provide support and assistance for all your inquiries.


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