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    Klampwel مربط بربيش 3 انش


    Made to BS: 5315/IS4762 KLAMPWEL stainless steel clamps are made as per BS: 5315 and/IS4762 are most suitable for the best engineering applications Stainless steel clamps provide high quality, corrosion resistance, high reliability and long life. Vibration proof quality by worm drive principle ensures retention of the pressure on the hose and so leakages of costly/dangerous fluids are avoided. High compatibility: multiples types of clamps adjust themselves on all required types of the Hose and so more uniform distribution of pressure on clamping area of hose The smooth bottom surface does not wear the hose at the same time perforations on the band keeps the clamp intact at high pressures also. Withstands climatic variation: stainless steel clamps can withstand wide climatic variations without any change or distortion of shape or functionality of clamp Uniform radial distribution of pressure: clamp-well clamps provide uniform 360° distribution of pressure on the clamping area of the Hose and so ensures leak profuseness Alkali and acid resistant: clamp-well s. S. 304 clamps can be used for general saltwater and chemicals application Unique one - piece housing: clamp-well clamps feature unique, one-piece housing which gives extra strength than any other ordinary clamps The wide range of clamps for full satisfaction of customers needs as per their requirements. 8 mm hexagonal screw has a screwdriver slot which provides variety of tightening methods


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