QTA 101 20KG orange

QUDS SKU: 02020-15-310-120
QTA 101 20KG  orange

QTA 101 20KG orange

QUDS SKU: 02020-15-310-120
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General description:

Cement-base tile adhesive (copolymer powder of vinyl acetate and ethylene) easily applied to all concrete surfaces. Applicable for interior surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms, and laboratories. It is applicable to exterior needs. It meets the European standards: EN 12004/C1, EN 12004/C1T, EN 12004/C1N, EN 12004/C1TN.

Special Features:
  • Good adhesion.
  • Good resistant to variation in temp.span (-5 to +60 °C). Also, product performance is resistant to shrinkage and expansion due to change of temperature and humid conditions.
  • Good open time
  • Applicable interior and exterior.

  • Put clean water (without chemical additives) in clean mixing container
  • Mix at a ratio of ± 4 kg powder to ± 1 liter of water.
  • Stir by a hand agitator the admixture well for 30 seconds.
  • Make sure that everything is mixed
  • Use an electrical agitator to mix for 1 minute the admixture.
  • Wait for a 5 minutes period (settle-down) before application.

Preparation of surface:

  • Clean all foreign matter
  • Surface & tile must be moistened with water before applying the mixture, especially old surfaces.


  • Apply a layer of the admixture to the prepared surface using any trowel.
  • Use a notched trowel to spread the admixture layer to create air escape spaces.
  • Use plastic spacers based on desired joint width.
  • Place tile and push in.
Package & Storage:
  • 25 kg plastic or paper bags
  • Stored sealed in dry conditions, for a maximum of 12 months from the date of production
  • Keep away from direct heat and frost.
Technical Data:

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