A good drill is a fundamental tool everyone should own.

Mega Power Tools® drills and all-in-one drill/drivers simplify hundreds of household projects, from installing shelves to hanging blinds and assembling furniture – all the things that help make a house a home.

Here we’ve put together the basic info you need to understand drill features and dive into your next project with confidence.



Never Leave a Bit Behind: About Bit Holders

Drills with an on-board bit holder can save you time and hassle because the bits you need are always accessible.


Shed Light on Your Work with an LED

Some drills, 21V Drill/Driver, feature a built-in LED to illuminate your work surface. This can be a lifesaver when you’re drilling or driving in tight or dark spaces like inside a closet or under the sink.

Speed Control Can Be Simple or Sophisticated

Most drill/drivers have a trigger to control how fast the drill spins, so for basic projects, a one-speed drill is all you need. If you need more precise speed control for diverse drilling or driving projects, a multi-speed drill like the Mega 21V +Tools  2-Speed Drill/Driver is worth a look. Use high speed for small, fast holes and driving and a low speed for high-torque applications like drilling large holes.

Drill, Driver, or Both?

Simply, drilling is making a hole, and driving is securing a screw or other fastener. Drill/Drivers do both jobs, which is convenient for projects like hanging a mirror, where you might drill a pilot hole then drive in a screw.


Corded vs. Cordless Drills

Cordless drills are convenient, compact, and easy to maneuver, so they can be used anywhere.  You’ll appreciate cordless flexibility when you’re out in the yard repairing a gate or up on a ladder installing a light fixture. A lithium-powered cordless drill such as our 21V Drill/Driver will give you plenty of runtime for basic projects.

Corded drills require a power source and tether you to a cord, but they offer the benefit of unlimited runtime and increased power for large or complex projects you want to finish without recharging a battery. You can’t go wrong with a corded drill like this Mega Drill 21V Drill/Driver.

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