Petrol chainsaw Worcraft GCS26-10, 700W, 10" II منشار شجر

Worcraft SKU: GCS26-10
Petrol chainsaw Worcraft GCS26-10, 700W, 10"  II منشار شجر

Petrol chainsaw Worcraft GCS26-10, 700W, 10" II منشار شجر

Worcraft SKU: GCS26-10
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The Worcraft GCS26-10 petrol saw is intended for cutting and sawing wood on various occasions. Whether you need to cut a tree or build a house, this chainsaw will always serve you well. It has a two-stroke engine with an output of 0.7 kW and a volume of 25.4 cm 3 . It is equipped with a bar 25.4 cm long. Saw achieved under load maximum speed of 11,000 min -1. At idle, the speed shall be about 3 300 ± 300 min -1 . The fuel required for the correct operation of the saw is mixed in a certain ratio from two-stroke engine oil and petrol with a min. octane number 95. 230 ml of such a mixture is placed in the fuel tank. The oil tank holds 160 ml of oil. You do not have to worry about chain lubrication, as the device has an automatic chain lubrication system. In addition, the fuel and oil tanks are designed so that the fuel is consumed before the oil is consumed.

For maximum protection at work, the Worcraft GCS26-10 provides several safety features. It contains a safety chain brake which immediately stops the saw chain in the event of a kickback. It is switched on manually (with your left hand) or automatically by the inertia mechanism. Your hands are protected from excessive vibration by vibration damping elements that reduce the transfer of vibrations from the engine and chain to the handle. This saw is also equipped with an engine muffler, which increases work comfort by diverting exhaust gases away from the user while reducing engine noise

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