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    TDS جهاز قياس الملوحة


    TDS METER Product description Function: 1. FOR VARIOUS OCCASIONS: TDS test pen is suitable for water quality testing in household, aquaculture, swimming pool and other fields 2.HIGH SENSITIVITY PROBE: The water quality instrument adopts alloy probe and high sensitivity glass electrode, enables high-precision water quality measurement, supports automatic Temperature compensation and reduces errors 3. WITH BACKLIT DISPLAY: The water quality tester automatically turns on the backlight when you turn it on, so you can see the value even in low light conditions 4. CELSIUS FAHRENHEIT DEGREE SWITCH:TDS meter with temperature unit switching function, very flexible and convenient 5. APPLICABLE SCENARIO: The water quality tester can be used for domestic water, swimming pool, aquaculture, environmental water quality, agricultural water, aquarium water quality, greenhouse flowers, bottled water and municipal water station. Usage: 1. Open the pen cap 2. Press ON or OFF to turn on 3. Diving Put the pen into the water to be measured, shake it slightly and press the HOLD button to save the value when it is stable 4. Take the test pen out of the water and observe the value shown on the specification : Item Type: TDS Meter Material: ABS Battery: 1 x 3V  Application: Domestic Water, Swimming Pool, Aquaculture, Environmental Water Quality, Agricultural Water, Aquarium Water Quality, Greenhouse Flowers, Bottled Water, Community Water Station Basic Parameters: Measuring Range: 0~99990ppm  


    11.600 JOD

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