• ادابتر جوزه درل

    tieshou ادابتر جوزه درل

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    Adapter sds-plus for chuck 1/2 drill sds Technical data: sds-plus shank Accessories and fittings, Others^

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    0.750 JOD

  • 12*12mm Senhang SDS Max Hammer Drill Bits - Mega Hardware

    senhang ريش حجر 20 ملم

    Specially developed robust head geometry with optimum 4 x 90° symmetry of carbide tip reduces jamming when hitting reinforcing steel.Centering point with 130 point angle ensures easy spot drilling with pinpoint accuracy and provides optimum guidance during drilling.The robust secondary cutting edge for 16mm diameters and larger, supports the primary cutter for faster drilling.Shorter spiral windings for faster transport of drilling dust from the head to the flute ensures less wear and heat build up at the tip.Wear mark on both sides of primary cutter guarantees diameter accuracy for anchor fittings – life time indicator in warranty cases.Patented reinforced flute geometry ensures lower vibrations for smoother drilling. The stronger flute means less breakages and better transfer of hammer energy to the tip.Deep flute shoulders give high volume dust removal for optimum drilling speed less wear and heat build up. Suitable for drilling general masonry including brick, block, concrete, reinforced concrete and natural stone.PGM marked for guaranteed exact sized drilling holes to ensure anchor specifications are not compromised.

    1.000 JOD

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