• فرد تخطيط/رسم ساجولا

    SAGOLA فرد تخطيط/رسم ساجولا

    غير متوفر

    0.2 mm. neddle and nozzle set up, that offers a superfine spraying for the highest precision.Working pressure: 15/30 psi.Air inlet connection: 1/8” M0.9 c.c. deposit to use with small quantity of paint.Ideal for quick color changes.Needle closing and packing made of Teflon.Highly precise and smooth air and product valve.

    غير متوفر

    169.000 JOD

  • فرد دهان ساجولا 4100

    Sagola فرد دهان ساجولا 4100

    New Body. Maximum ergonomics Maximum robustness and reliability Low air consumption Smooth trigger action High spray quality The best price-quality ratio in conventional spray guns. Aluminum regulators. Single spindle design means fewer parts. One-piece packing nut. There are no O-rings. Stainless steel nozzle and needle.

    310.000 JOD

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