• حافظة طعام مستطيلة من لوك آند لوك  1.9 لتر

    LOKE&LOKE حافظة طعام مستطيلة من لوك آند لوك 1.9 لتر

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    You never know when you'll need containers of all types of shapes and sizes. The Lock & Lock Classics Rectangular Tall Container 1.9L HPL818 is temperature-resistant to temperatures of -20°C to 100°C, making it safe to be placed in the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher. Use the container to store wet or dry food items like fresh cuts of meat, whole cabbage heads, or even bags of flour and baking powder. With crystal clear material that makes up the body and lid of the container, it's easier to look through the Lock & Lock Classics Rectangular Tall Container 1.9L HPL818 to see its contents and you don't need to label them anymore.Features: Capacity: 1.9L   100% airtight and liquid-tight   4 secure locking mechanisms   Temperature-resistant (-20°C to 100°C)   Resistant to stains, impact, scratches, and heat   Designed for both storing and serving   Lifetime guarantee Specifications Product Code: LOC-70065 Type Food container Capacity 1.9L Dimensions 13.4cm (W) x 20.5cm (L) x 11.8cm (H) Material (Body) Polypropylene Material (Lid) Polypropylene, silicone Cleaning Dishwasher-safe (top rack only) Warranty Lifetime guarantee

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    3.500 JOD

  • حافظة طعام مستطيلة من لوك اند لوك 600 مل

    LOKE&LOKE حافظة طعام مستطيلة من لوك اند لوك 600 مل

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    From storing cold cuts and cheeses to an office lunch or to gently reheat leftover noodles this 600ml Lock Lock rectangular container is airtight and spillproof designed to keep ingredients free from contamination and fresh for longer. Dishwasher freezer and even microwave safe it is BPAfree and has a four tab locking system with a silicone seal and a flat top for stacking. Store warm gently in the microwave or simply keep your fridge and pantry organised enjoying the outstanding features of this container. The patented tab locking system has been extensively tested to deliver secure closure with snapproof and break resistant strength. When heating in the microwave be sure to release all four locking tabs re prevent a build up of pressure and wash your Lock Lock in the dishwasher as necessary. Collect the spacesaving and stackable styles in this Lifetime Warranted range.

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    2.000 JOD

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