• Goldcraft Core cutter, Drills & Polishing tools Trade Pack  Goldcraft Universal Drill Bit 10 x120mm

    Goldcraft ريشة حجر 10 ملم

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    The universal drill bit Goldcraft is the perfect solution for drilling in almost all materials due to the special cutting edge geomety and the diamond-trond cutting surface of the carbide tip. The very hard tungsten-titanium carbide tip make the drill bit extremely wear resitant. For use in masonry, natural stone, artificial stone, steel, wood, plastic, glass, ceramics, tiles/roof tiles. Features and Benefits: Special cutting edge geometry. Diamond ground carbide tip. Milled flute for optimum removal of drlling dust. High-temperature brazing at about 1120°C. Special cutting helix with micro surface hardness. iso 5468.

    غير متوفر

    4.000 JOD

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