دعسات باب و أرضيات

  • عشب صناعي 4 سم داخلي وخارجي

    Mega Hardware L عشب صناعي 4 سم داخلي وخارجي


    Luxurious Fake Grass Creates A Natural Look In All Outdoor Areas The Harrier Kingston Artificial Grass has a multi-tonal colour to create an authentic appearance, perfect for all garden areas. The 'U' shaped blades are designed to spring back quicker compared to more traditional flat yarns for a comfortable feel under foot. Superior PE fibres & PP curly thatch make the fake grass softer & highly resistant due to its flexibility. Creating a replica of natural grass all year round, with UV protection to stop fading & it can withstand all weathers. A durable double backing ensures a long-life & includes drainage holes to keep rainwater settling. It is easy to install & maintain whether you are covering an entire area or creating a feature shape. Artificial lawn is perfect for all gardens, landscaping, patios, balconies & terraces 4 toned - Field green & lime green grass blades with olive green & yellow thatch Top-quality artificial turf with durable double backing & included drainage holes Minimal signs of flattening due to the flexible U-shape PE & curly thatch PP fibres 5-year UV guarantee to stop any discolouration of the artificial grass occurring Easy artificial grass installation & maintenance for a premium look all year round Dog friendly due to the antibacterial properties & is safe for children to play on


    22.000 JOD

  • سجاد داخلي و خارجي غير قابل للانزلاق للفنادق والمكاتب والمنزل 3.8مم * 1 متر

    Mega Hardware L سجاد داخلي و خارجي غير قابل للانزلاق للفنادق والمكاتب والمنزل 3.8مم * 1 متر

    About this item The product uses natural durable rubber front and back; its texture makes it one of the best options for outdoor mats capturing dirt with hour long utility Keeps dirt and mud out: this door mat is made of rubber so it is waterproof and remove dirt and mud easily. You can wash it easily keep it always clean zig zag mat with high durability Reusable and easy to clean: spray down with a nozzle on a garden hose or brush this washable door mat. The heavy-duty rubber material holds up against the toughest of weather conditions, dries quickly   Product description multi purpose mat for Washroom Temple mat Gurudwara mat masjid mat swimming Pool mat Rain mat stone floor pati for outdoor zig-zag mat with multi colour option. You Won't Believe Online Quality Store Provides Such a Rug, Look & Feel So Luxe!!

  • موكيت محزز عالي التحمل وغير قابل للانزلاق

    Mega Hardware L موكيت محزز عالي التحمل وغير قابل للانزلاق

    The RSM RUGS Heavy Duty Non-Slip Dirt Trapper Rubber Edge Barrier Mats Floor Carpets Entrance Rugs are a high-quality product that has gained positive feedback from customers. With its non-slip rubber edge, this carpet provides a perfect dirt-trapping surface, ensuring that your home's entrance remains clean. The rug is truly heavy-duty and incredibly durable which results in hardwearing. Additionally, it does not move even after being used multiple times. This rug is an excellent choice for individuals who prioritize cleanliness, and whenever more than one of them has been purchased, customers can't stop raving about the quality. You can rely on these mats to stay in place and to keep your floors clean.

  • سجادة سباجيتي بي في سي 14 ملم

    Mega Hardware L سجادة سباجيتي بي في سي 14 ملم

    About this item Open back design allows water to easily drain, vinyl loops are easy on bare feet. Reduces slip and fall hazards, water drains through the mat, loops provide traction. Perfect for use in shower rooms, pool area, locker room, entry ways, decks and anywhere water may cause slipping hazards this item can also be easily cut with a utility knife to any size you need. SCRAPER | LIGHT TRAFFIC Spaghetti Mat is our classic solution for custom large surfaces and when slip-resistance is necessary. The non-directional pattern allows for multi-directional scraping ability. Economical mat for outdoor applications. As a scraper, Spaghetti Mat will help keep most of the debris and dirt outside the building.   PVC loop structure with vinyl backing Dries quickly and resists mildew and fading Also available without backing to facilitate the flow of water COLORS  Brown, Gray, Black  APPLICATIONS For areas with light traffic - office buildings, small retail stores, banks, postal services, churches, and motels

  • حصيرة مطاطية عازلة 2.2 مم

    حصيرة مطاطية عازلة 2.2 مم

    About this item Global Electrical Insulation mat provides protection from electric shock and falling objects. It has Insulation Resistance with water. This Electrical Mat has low temperature resistant, low leakage current and it also has flame retardant. Insulation matting are suitable for the people looking for a safety mat with great aesthetics due to its premium dotted design. It is also IS 15652 marked on every metre. This Electrical Mat can be applied in the areas like: X – Ray Plant Room | Lift Machine Rooms | All kind of Electric Sub Stations| Transformers Rooms | Generator Rooms | AC Plant Rooms | Switch Rooms | Electrical Panels LT | HT Labs | Around Bas Bars. Specifications: Thickness – 2.2 mm | Class – A mat | Support – Up to 3.3 kV.

  • دعسة الأرضيات المطاطية المتشابكة 90 * 90 سم

    دعسة الأرضيات المطاطية المتشابكة 90 * 90 سم

    About this item Interlocking Rubber Floor Mat: The multipurpose rubber matting adds cushion and support without compromising its durable quality. The anti-fatigue interlocking mat tiles have drainage holes, making it functional as a restaurant mat, bar mat, pool mat, safety mat, rubber utility mat and garage floor mat. Non-Slip Bar Mat: For high traffic areas, a commercial kitchen mat improves traction, drains liquid and keeps work areas clean. Drainage holes in the rubber mat make it the ideal indoor-outdoor flooring protection mat, used as an outdoor doormat, entrance mat, shower mat, anti-fatigue kitchen mat, thick mat for utility areas and garage mat. Drainage Mat: Keep wet areas clean and dry by placing the anti-slip rubber flooring tiles on the floor to trap dirt, debris and liquid. The perforated holes of the kitchen fatigue mat provide quick drainage, commonly used as an outdoor shower mat, pool mat for ladders and decks, large door mat and gym mat. Durable Rubber Mat: Made from natural and recycled rubber, the interlocking rubber floor tiles are a planet friendly option for modular mats and industrial mats. Each rubber floor mat is 36 x 36 inches, sized for use as an outdoor square shower mat or as an anti-fatigue kitchen mat. Simply hose the interlocking floor mat with water to clean. A Brand You Can Trust: Envelor is trusted by many happy customers around the world. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Our interlocking rubber kitchen mats will be a great addition to your home or business. The interlocking rubber floor tiles provide durable protection, anti-fatigue comfort and quick drainage!

    15.000 JOD

  • دعسة حمام - أحجام متعددة

    Mega Hardware L دعسة حمام - أحجام متعددة

    Item name Napa Skin Super Absorbent Bath Mat Quick Drying Bathroom Carpet Modern Simple Non-slip Floor Mats Home Oil-proof Kitchen Mat Size Guide 40x60cm / 15.7 x 23.6 inch 50x80cm / 19.7 x 31.5 inch 45x150cm / 17.32 x 59.05 inch Packaging 1 x bath mat / bag Wash Care Hand wash or by machine(Mild cycle) are available ①The washing maximum temperature 30 ℃. ② Do not bleach. ③ Do not rollover dry. Material Surface is Napa skin,Durable. Bottom is Rubber Anti-slip , effective anti-skid function. Application range living room , bedroom ,bathroom , doormat ,dressing room,Used as floor rugs ,carpets ,tatami mat ,doormat

    4.900 JOD - 13.300 JOD

  • سجادة أرضية من إسفنج إيفا  104*106*3 سم

    21.000 JOD

  • دعسة ارضية ربر 90×60 سم

    india دعسة ارضية ربر 90×60 سم


    Perfect for indoor and outdoor entranceways, the WaterGuard keeps your office or home clean dry and safe Carpet covered rubber reinforced nibs scrape debris and pull moisture away from shoes Dirt and water area trapped within the bi-level construction of the rubber reinforced polypropylene carpet ridges 100% rubber backing for maximum durability


    12.000 JOD

  • دعسات انترلوك 500*500*20 ملم

    دعسات انترلوك 500*500*20 ملم

    Product Description Simple to install 50cm x 50cm x 20mm thickness. Easy to move, store and reuse tiles No adhesive required Extremely tough and durable Low odor Slip-resistant, wet or dry Easy to clean and maintain Environmentally friendly Virtually seamless appearance.

  • سجادة مطاطية دائرية مرصعة 90*100 سم

    سجادة مطاطية دائرية مرصعة 90*100 سم


    Product Description CIRCULAR STUDDED RUBBER MAT Dimension:0.9m


    7.000 JOD

  • دعسة باب 45 *75 سم

    دعسة باب 45 *75 سم




    12.500 JOD

  • دعسة باب 45 * 75 سم

    دعسة باب 45 * 75 سم

    VINYL BACKED bleached COIR MAT WITH printed DESIGNS 45 x 75 cm  

  • دعسة باب 120*90 سم

    PLANCHER دعسة باب 120*90 سم




    15.000 JOD

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