ANTI SLIP TAPE WHITE||لاصق ضد الانزلاق

Tesa SKU: 4042448841964
ANTI SLIP TAPE WHITE||لاصق ضد الانزلاق

ANTI SLIP TAPE WHITE||لاصق ضد الانزلاق

Tesa SKU: 4042448841964
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Product description:

tesa® 60952 is a clear anti slip adhesive tape which is ideally suited for securing areas by invisible means. Many craftsmen find the transparency of the tape useful for such purposes as reducing the slip hazard on high-quality wooden stairs without affecting the stairs' appearance.

  • The anti slip tape is very robust and is resistant to UV light, salt water and cleaning agents.
  • It retains its anti slip effect for up to two years.
  • It can be removed easily without leaving a residue.

Application Fields:

  • Indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Applications in which a secure grip underfoot is required.
  • Black-yellow (tesa® 60951): marking of very slippery surfaces.
  • Transparent (tesa® 60952): make valuable surfaces such as wooden stairs, for example, safe unobtrusively.
  • Fluorescent (tesa® 60953): stays bright for a long period for safety and warning purposes in dark rooms.

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