• رداد باب شيزا

    CISA رداد باب شيزا

    New hydraulic door closer cisa new multi-force base in 2-4. Adjustable closing speed by valve. For doors with a maximum width of 1,100 mm. Without retainer. Silver. From the cisa brand. Don't wait any longer to get it!

    20.000 JOD

  • زرفيل سلندر ايطالي ذهبي

    CISA زرفيل سلندر ايطالي ذهبي

    Case:Steel. Galvanized.

    9.250 JOD

  • زرفيل كهرباءايطالي سيزا

    Cisa زرفيل كهرباءايطالي سيزا

    For Steel Gates Size (mm): 110H x 204W x 60D Strike (mm): 31H x 94W x 37D Outside: Tubular Cylinder Inside: Push Button and Cylinder Hold open function. The Cisa Elettrika electric lock series features an innovative locking system with a "rotary hook deadbolt" with pull resistance of up to 2000 kg. Excellent vibration resistance and impact strength (patented system). Protective steel case totally enclosing the lock and striker. Elettrika is non handed (patented system) and with a variable backset from 50 to 80 mm (patented system). Elettrika is fitted with a new type of self-adjusting "swinging rod" striker, active both vertically and horizontally (patented system). The rotary hook deadbolt of Elettrika can be operated in two different modes: 1. Automatic opening: the door is set open by the deadbolt rotation. 2. Ready to open: the deadbolt is withdrawn but the door remains in closing position. Elettrika is interchangeable with many types of lock available in the market. The innovative reloading system ensures silent opening and closing operation and the gate rebound effect is reduced. The Cisa Eletrikka 1A731 has a tubular cylinder extending out the back of the lock for external key override. The red push button on the lock case can open the lock even in the event of loss of power. The inside cylinder has three functions; 1. as a key override, 2. to block the red exit button, 3. to engage the lock hold back function. This lock is supplied with a weld-on backplate for a neat installation on your steel gate.

    55.000 JOD

  • مقبض أبواب ستانليس من سيزا

    CISA مقبض أبواب ستانليس من سيزا


    مقابض الأبواب الداخلية ذات التصميم الأساسي المصنوعة من الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ مناسبة للأبواب الداخلية من أي مادة. تم اختباره على 200000 دورة فتح وإغلاق وهو الحل المناسب للأبواب عالية التردد


    8.500 JOD

  • زرفيل طبش كهربائي 12 فولت من

    CISA زرفيل طبش كهربائي 12 فولت من


    Electric rim lock: dead-locking latch bolt system and opening guaranteed even with a drop in voltage.Greater security for doors and large entrance doors which are not deadbolted. Dead-locking latch bolt: when the door is locked, the withdrawal of the deadbolt automatically blocks the latch bolt. Protection against forced entry. Certified up to Security grade 3 according to EN 14846. Protection against attempts at forced entry in the electric hook bolt area. The lock can always be opened, even with a drop in voltage. When voltage is below the minimum rate (12V), the adjustable electric hook bolt system ensures the lock can always be opened electrically (button). Managing flow through accesses. The button on the lock (fitted on certain models) can be blocked by the key, leaving the door/gate always open (hold open function). External cylinder length 55 mm


    37.000 JOD

  • زرفيل 6 طقات 90*210*19.5 ملم

    CISA زرفيل 6 طقات 90*210*19.5 ملم

    Iron lock to be applied to fixed cylinder for wooden door or door, with pin keysBox, nozzle and plate in amaranth red painted steelSteel bolt with 6 throwsSteel knobsEntry mm. 60 (E)Opening hand - AmbidextrousInternal knob - bolt onlyFixed cylinderBox dimensions mm. 90 x 210 x 19.5Nozzle supplied, fixing screws3 pin keys art. 1.01310.00.1 supplied

    14.500 JOD

  • زرفيل كهربا سيزا

    cisa زرفيل كهربا سيزا


    12 V - 2.5 A surface-mounted electric lock with cylinder or internal unlocking button Supplied with 50 mm barrel. For entry doors or gates by pulling and pushing. Meaning to be specified when ordering. Comes with 3 keys. ELECTR LOCK 11631-70-1D


    37.000 JOD

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